she started working as a secretary five years ago

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Bạn đang xem: she started working as a secretary five years ago

Đáp án: She has been worked as a secrestary for five years.

Giải thích: started Ving...ago = have/has been Ving for/since...

Dịch: Cô ấy tiếp tục thao tác như là 1 trong thư kí được 5 năm rồi.

Quảng cáo


Câu 1:

When we ____ to tát the airport, I realized that I ____ my passport at trang chính.

A. got - had left

B. got - was left

C. got – left

D. had got - had left

Câu 2:

Lawrence hasn't seen his sister since she left for Japan.

=> Lawrence last ________________________.

Câu 3:

Visitors can take a không lấy phí boat from Manhattan to tát Staten Island for a great ______ of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

A. view

B. sight

C. scene 

D. landscape

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Câu 4:

I'm certainly not going to tát give you anymore money.

=> I have no _____________.

Câu 5:

You stole the jewels” the inspector said to tát him.

=> The inspector accused __________________.

Câu 6:

She used to tát live in an igloo: a domed house ______ from blocks of ice.

A. to tát build

B. built

C. building

D. to tát built

Câu 7:

It is hard to tát imagine life in modern society without smartphones. These handy little devices keep us entertained and enable us to tát manage important tasks on the go. Although smartphones feature powerful hardware, they wouldn’t be so sánh useful without thousands of handy applications. Here are a few không lấy phí and helpful apps that you can tải về to tát help you throughout the day.
If you have a habit of forgetting things and want to tát organize your life, give Evernote a try. It promises to tát help users remember everything. With a few clicks, you can send all of your photos, documents, and audio notes to tát Evernote. Then, your digital information can be stored in folders or tagged with useful keywords. When you need to tát access this data, you can perform a simple tìm kiếm and it will appear in seconds. Evernote is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, so sánh you can access your data from everywhere.

Imagine this scenario. You are watching a TV show and you hear a cool tuy vậy in the background. You want to tát buy it but there is one problem. You don't know the name of the tuy vậy. SoundHound is an ứng dụng that will make this problem a thing of the past. It enables users to tát quickly identify songs by launching the ứng dụng and holding their phone in the air. The ứng dụng takes the tuy vậy playing and compares it to tát thousands of other songs until it finds a match. Within seconds, it can tell you the name, artist, and album of the tuy vậy you just heard.
Another spectacular ứng dụng is Lookout. Hopefully, you won’t have to tát use it often, but when you do
need it. Lookout can be a lifesaver. Its main function is to tát help you find your phone if it goes missing. Lookout does this by using your smartphone’s data connection to tát locate your lost device. To see where your phone is on a map, simply log into Lookout from any trang web browser. In the worst-case situation, if someone steals your phone and you fear it has gone for good, you can wipe out all of its data with a few clicks. This will ensure no one will see any private information on your phone.

These helpful apps are just the tip of the iceberg. If you bởi some searching online, you are certain to tát find many other apps that will make your life more convenient.

Evernote can help you ______.

A. reduce your load of work thanks to tát its support

B. access your data with a few useful keywords

C. organize your daily activities and remember things

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D. store only documents, texts, and contracts