write an email to your friend

Learn how đồ sộ write an tin nhắn đồ sộ a friend.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and vì thế the exercises.

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Hi Rebecca,

How ARE you?! It's been ages!! I thought I'd drop you a line seeing as I'm stuck in the airport with nothing đồ sộ vì thế but make use of the không lấy phí Wi-Fi.

Not that writing đồ sộ you isn't top of my list of things đồ sộ vì thế, of course ;) but I've been totally snowed under at work, plus all the family stuff that's been going on ... Anyway, I'm just about đồ sộ go on a much-needed holiday ví I really can't complain!

Anyhoo … what have you been up to? I saw Carol a couple of months ago – don't know if you heard what happened with her job but it made u feel grateful I only slightly hate mine – and she was saying your book is going đồ sộ be published?! GREAT news!!! Send u a liên kết and I'll definitely buy it and leave a five-star review :)

As for u, same old, same old re: job. Maggie and I broke up a while ago, as you know, but we're getting on much better now and it's working out far better for the kids. No-one new on the horizon but I'm off đồ sộ Canada travelling for a month (if this plane ever leaves!) ví who knows?!

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Actually, I'll be flying over your house in a few hours. I'll wave! Let's make a plan đồ sộ see each other when I get back, OK?

Hope life's treating you well!

Lots of love,

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  1. It's common đồ sộ start with a reason for writing and refer đồ sộ how long it's been since you saw or wrote đồ sộ each other.
  2. Use phrasal verbs (e.g. going on, been up to) and informal expressions (e.g. drop you a line, same old, same old) đồ sộ give it a friendly, informal tone.
  3. Use emoticons or multiple exclamation marks (!!!) or question marks (???) đồ sộ add extra excitement and feeling. You can also use capital letters for emphasis (How ARE you? GREAT news!!).
  4. Before signing off you can finish with closing phrases lượt thích Hope all's well! / Looking forward đồ sộ seeing you! / Best of luck with ... !
  5. Sign off with Lots of love for close friends or family or Take care if you are not ví close.

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