if the weather is fine i will go on a picnic with my friends she said

  • “If the weather is fine, I will go on a picnic with my friends,” she said.

    She said if the weather was fine, she would go on a picnic with her friends.

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  • “I’m sure she will help you if you ask her.” , he told mạ.

    He told mạ that he was sure she would help if I asked her.

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  • “What would you bởi if you had three days off ?” I asked him.

    I asked him what he would bởi if he had (had) three days off.

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  • "You will be surprised if you meet him.” , Peter said vĩ đại Linda.

    Peter told Linda that she would be surprised if she met him.

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  • “I will be surprised if Mary doesn’t pass the exam.” , our teacher said.

    Our teacher said that she would be surprised of Mary did not pass the exam.

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  • The boy said : “I won’t be strong if I don’t swim everyday.”

    The boy said that he would not be strong if he did not swim everyday.

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  • “If Today were Sunday, we wouldn’t go vĩ đại school.” They said vĩ đại mạ.

    They told mạ if that day were Sunday, they wouldn't go vĩ đại school

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  • The teacher said vĩ đại Jim, “Would you give your book vĩ đại Mary please?” =>The teacher asked_______

    The teacher said vĩ đại Jim vĩ đại give his book vĩ đại Mary.

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  • Boddy’s father said vĩ đại him, “Don’t forget vĩ đại brush your teeth.” => Boddy’s father reminded _____________________

    Boddy's father reminded him vĩ đại brush his teeth.

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  • “I am living in London.” Molly said.

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    Molly said that she was living in London.

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  • “Close the door, please,” My teacher told mạ __________

    My teacher told mạ vĩ đại close the door.

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  • Tom told his child: “Don’t touch my computer.” =>Tommy told his child __________.

    Tommy told his child not vĩ đại touch his computer.

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  • “I was waiting for the bus when my boyfriend arrived.” My sister said.

    My sister said that she had been waiting for the bus when her boyfriend arrived.

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  • “Did you arrive before eight?” My teacher asked mạ.

    My teacher asked mạ if I had arrived before eight.

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  • Patricia: “My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend.”

    Patricia said that her mother would celebrate her birthday the following weekend.

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  • “If I were you, I’d stop taking tranquilizers. They won’t be good for you health in the long run rẩy,” I advised.

    I advised her vĩ đại stop taking tranquilizers and explained that they wouldn’t be good for her health in the long run rẩy.

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