unicef was created in 1946

Reimagining the future for every child since 1946.

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II. Our mandate was clear: to tát help children and young people whose lives and futures were at risk – no matter what role their country had played in the war.

What mattered to tát UNICEF was reaching every child in need, protecting children’s rights to tát survive, thrive, and reach their full potential.    

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This is the DNA of UNICEF. From the ashes of war to tát the global challenges that affect millions today, our mandate has never wavered. UNICEF has consistently worked to tát protect the rights and well-being of all children. Whoever they are. Wherever they live.

A fairer world for every child

The story of UNICEF is a story of how much good the human family can tự when it unites to tát protect the rights of its youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

We bring 75 years of field-tested expertise, a network that spans the globe, a passion for innovation, dynamic partnerships, and a commitment to tát making every dollar count.

As we look back, we learn from our accomplishments and challenges. As we look ahead, we recommit ourselves to tát realizing the rights of every child.

UNICEF through the decades

For 75 years, UNICEF’s mission has evolved with the needs of children around the world. Browse our timeline and discover our work through the decades.

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In 2021, as the world faced new crises, UNICEF marched into its 75th year. We paused to tát reflect on our past while reimagining a better future for every child.

The faces, the voices

The story of UNICEF is that of every child we reach. It is also reflected in the people who have relentlessly served and supported our organization. This is the story of committed people who have provided critical resources, time and encouragement to tát build an environment where children can grow up protected, healthy and educated. Be they our employees, our directors or international personalities, UNICEF has never been wanting for ambassadors of goodwill.

The Archives

For 75 years, UNICEF has collected records, items and leading research that document our story as well as that of the world. The UNICEF Archives, located in our Thủ đô New York Headquarters, houses material that captures UNICEF’s global field operations – from our founding in the aftermath of World War II through today. From biographies to tát landmark policy documents, posters and greeting cards, explore a collection of UNICEF memorabilia from the UNICEF Archives.

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Historical documents and publications

Our vast collection of reports, data and other historical publications spans decades and is a key vehicle to tát influence policy and decision-making. 

From flagship publications lượt thích the State of the World’s Children to tát our Annual Reports, discover our historical documents.

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